Monday, August 8, 2011

Science Lessons

I uploaded my lesson plans for 1st grade science. These were too unwieldy to put on the blog but I think (hope) these links will work and may be easier for others to use as well. I think, for example, the lessons would be able to be downloaded and perhaps modified.

I used the free Baltimore Curriculum plans for some of these lessons. The link is here. Their website encourages the downloading and distribution of their plans. They also mention incorporating their plans with your own ideas. Therefore, I’m sharing the combination of their plans with my own additions and modifications in the hope it helps someone else.

Habitats/Biomes, Food Chains, and Conservation*
*I'm working through this unit now and will be making additions and/or modifying. Compared to other units this one is more lengthy and the plans more complicated.



Earth and Space

Human Body

I had previously put a couple of ideas for K science objectives on the blog so I'll link those here as well:
Seasons and Warm/Cool Colors (art) First Post
Seasons and Warm/Cool Colors (art) Continuation
Plants (and some CK art/music objectives with the science)

History and Geography Plans

I decided to focus only on the Core Knowledge US history objectives for first grade. I decided to complete a study of US history in 2nd grade and then cover the 1st and 2nd grade Core Knowledge ancient history objectives at the end of 2nd grade. I like the idea of a four year history cycle so this will set us up to begin that cycle at the close of 2nd grade.

For ease of use I thought I would link all my posts on US history (followed by some Geography/Cultures studies) thus far. This will cover the US history portion of the Core Knowledge 1st grade objectives. In planning the ancient history objectives I think it might be good to use the lesson planning links on the Core Knowledge site (especially the Colorado plans).

Links to Complete Online US History Plans


Plymouth Colony
13 Colonies and French Settlement
Revolutionary War

Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road

Louisiana Purchase/Lewis and Clark/Sacagawea

Prairie Dogs (I used these lessons for a science unit rather than history)

Ohio River Valley Pioneers and Johnny Appleseed

War of 1812, White House, Presidents

Covered Wagon Travel

Santa Fe Trail

I didn’t think to share my links and plans until I started the Wampanoag. At that point I went back and tried to remember what we did for the previous topics. I had erased my plans but tried to use memory and my internet history. So I don’t have nearly the detail for these topics but I still think there are some good links in the plans.

Previous US History Topics Link

Other Links Covering
Native Americans
Columbus, Balboa, Ponce de Leon, Pizarro, Cortes
Native Americans
St. Augustine
The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Geography and Culture Links