Monday, August 8, 2011

Science Lessons

I uploaded my lesson plans for 1st grade science. These were too unwieldy to put on the blog but I think (hope) these links will work and may be easier for others to use as well. I think, for example, the lessons would be able to be downloaded and perhaps modified.

I used the free Baltimore Curriculum plans for some of these lessons. The link is here. Their website encourages the downloading and distribution of their plans. They also mention incorporating their plans with your own ideas. Therefore, I’m sharing the combination of their plans with my own additions and modifications in the hope it helps someone else.

Habitats/Biomes, Food Chains, and Conservation*
*I'm working through this unit now and will be making additions and/or modifying. Compared to other units this one is more lengthy and the plans more complicated.



Earth and Space

Human Body

I had previously put a couple of ideas for K science objectives on the blog so I'll link those here as well:
Seasons and Warm/Cool Colors (art) First Post
Seasons and Warm/Cool Colors (art) Continuation
Plants (and some CK art/music objectives with the science)


  1. Awesome! I lean on CK heavily for science though I added units on Dinosaurs and Natural Resources/Recycling to our first grade line up. I've got a lot of ideas filed for each unit but plan by unit as we get there. I love this and I will be saving this to check out as we get to each of these unit topics. Thanks!

  2. Jess,
    I'm so glad you're finding the ideas helpful! I'm going to be updating the science plans some as we move through the remaining lessons ourselves.