Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lesson Plans for Art, Music, Social Studies, Literature

I've been busy planing and found a variety of other neat things. I hope I can remember all of them to post.

I found a school that has lesson plans that support the Core Knowledge Curriculum. I really liked the K plans. I wasn't as impressed with the first grade though and haven't looked beyond that. However, the K and 1st grade art and music plans both look terrific. I suspect the same person or persons worked on those areas in all the grades. I plan to use them for my art and music for our first grade curriculum.
Lesson Plans

A Few Geography and Culture Links

I've been planning units on various continents. We're doing folk tales, folk music, a craft etc. from the various continents. For the most part you can google and find things easily but I did want to post a neat site for aboriginal/Australian folk stories put to video. I plan to use the Mimi one for our unit on Australia.

Games for various areas on this link. My link is on continents but there are a variety of options.

I know it's super easy to find free maps but I really like these because of the terrific variety and the size and quality.

Adding: When we study Asia we will be doing a literature study on Momotaro peach Boy. Here is a link with a song about it in Japanese!

I've been collecting lots of resources for each continent. When I actually cover them I'll try to make a post with the resources I used for each one.

A Couple Early American History Links

Early American History. They have primary history documents, videos, audio files, etc. Neat site to explore!

This account has some cartoon type history videos for a number of areas.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Resources to Target Specific Phonic Concepts or Phonograms

I’m concentrating on R Controlled Vowel Resources and Oy/Oi in these links simply because that’s where one of mine needs some reinforcement. However, most of these resources are useful for various phonograms or phonics concepts that your child might need to cover.


Between the Lions Cliff Hanger Episode with R controlled vowels
You can find Cliff Hanger episodes for many select phonograms sounds. Cliff Hanger Episode
Between the Lions has a lot of nice phonics videos. For example Vowel Boot Camp was a huge hit here!

The Electric Company Bossy R—they have five different fun videos just for Bossy R! You can find Electric Company videos for many phonograms you might want to target.
Electric Company Bossy R

This is slow but correct. The slowness of it allows the child to say the sound of the phonogram prior to the video. It isn’t flashy at all but my kids like it for some reason and it is a good review. She has three videos. Phonogram Videos

Diagraphs and Dipthongs This is a song that includes diagraphs and dipthongs. For many (but not all) they have all the sounds. It’s cute. They have other videos as well.

This is the Letter People video for oi/oy. I’ve seen one of their videos that was a bit scary and I wouldn’t show but this will work for many combinations! Letter People oi/oy

Hooked on phonics for oy/oi and they have other videos too of course.

Lots of options here for particular phonics areas. Lots of Variety Phonics Videos

Don't forget about Leapfrog Letter Factory Video for learning initial (first) letter sounds. It's worth the cost if the library doesn't have it and is usually inexpensive second hand.

Starfall has r controlled vowel activities. This makes a nice starter to your own word sort or similar activity for kids. If Startfall covers the phonogram you’re covering it’s often worth doing for something fun and different.

Remember, Progressive Phonics has fun readers with R controlled vowels and most phonograms you might cover.

Games for er/ir/ur (word documents so you can adapt to cover what you want and I changed them to include wor and ear as well as or and ar). Again, he has games to cover many types of sounds and most of them are easily adaptable to anything you wish to substitute. Games for Reading

I’ve used several materials from this resource. She has worksheets, cut and paste, posters, sliders, poems, games, songs, etc. Lots of materials!
Here are her diagraph and dipthong pages.

PBS kids Bossy R Rap Lesson

This website has tons of online worksheet type activities covering a variety of language arts areas including readiness skills. It’s nice to have a free worksheet that is self checking and you don’t have to print! She also has paper and pencil activities. Worksheet Type Online and Printable

Here is one example of a game (game can be used for other phonemes too):
Game Online

More worksheets—there is so much like this out there.
More Worksheets

Spelling--How to Mark Words Riggs/Spalding Style and more

I found a school handout describing how to mark spelling words (Riggs/Spalding style), silent e rules, and same spelling lists (with markings) for a first grade year!
First Grade Spelling

Free Complete Multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham Lessons

They rearranged their site so my old links don't work! I added the new links in place of the old below.

I found these materials to do a complete multi-sensory phonogram (Orton-Gillingham) based approach to reading and spelling! The links for K through 2nd grade are at the bottom of this page. It’s absolutely fantastic and free. If something happens to the link materials you might purchase Recipe for Reading and see if it covers the same material. It’s a pretty cheap book new and even cheaper used.

Each grade (K-2) has a methods plan that tells you how to do the multi-sensory approach and complete lesson plans.
This is the first grade methods page and the first grade lesson plans.

Implementing this program cost me $1.50 to purchase the needlepoint mats to use as sensory bubble mats for writing. I used salt in a pie plate as our sand tray.