Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Few Geography and Culture Links

I've been planning units on various continents. We're doing folk tales, folk music, a craft etc. from the various continents. For the most part you can google and find things easily but I did want to post a neat site for aboriginal/Australian folk stories put to video. I plan to use the Mimi one for our unit on Australia.

Games for various areas on this link. My link is on continents but there are a variety of options.

I know it's super easy to find free maps but I really like these because of the terrific variety and the size and quality.

Adding: When we study Asia we will be doing a literature study on Momotaro peach Boy. Here is a link with a song about it in Japanese!

I've been collecting lots of resources for each continent. When I actually cover them I'll try to make a post with the resources I used for each one.

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