Thursday, September 30, 2010

North America Unit--General

North America
The bulk of this unit was about Mexico but we began with a short bit on North America in general.

  • We viewed a map of North America noting the countries involved and I printed a blank North America map to color as well.
  • We briefly looked a little closer at those countries that touch the US focused on Mexico in this unit (post to follow) given we’re studying Spanish and the Core Knowledge Sequence covers Mexico in first grade.

United States

  • National Anthem
  • We viewed some Norman Rockwell artwork here for prints or here for video and talked about what we would draw or paint to portray life here.
  • We looked at a couple of the US entries in a book we have Children Just Like Me and discussed how their daily life paintings might look different than ours.
  • We’ll be covering a lot of United States in history, art, and music lessons this year so this seemed more than sufficient for now.


  • We looked at the map and discussed the country information in our Around the World Coloring Book. There are plenty of maps available free online as well. I found a lot of great stuff for Inuit people but we’re exploring that culture in a later unit.
  • Video
  • Then the National Anthem and Flag.
  • Make a flag using red construction paper and a print out of a Canadian Flag Coloring Page (widely available for free) for the center portion.
  • Recipes
  • Lots of good Canada information on a variety of topics tailored to kids.
The bulk of this unit was about Mexico so I am making a blog post specifically for Mexico.

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