Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decodable Phonogram Reading Practice

If you want to use reading practice that covers the particular phonograms I found a couple. The order is slightly different. I tweaked the order of the lessons somewhat for that reason.

Word Mastery on Don Potter’s website would be 100% decodable and works through phonograms as well as things like blends. It is word based rather than stories but 100% decodable. This can actually be a stand alone phonics program. His entire website is full of great things—resources like this (so many), information and education on instruction, etc.

Progressive Phonics has the parent/teacher read the non-decodable words while the child reads the highlighted decodable words. It covers most but not all the phonograms in a progressive fashion. The stories are fun for kids to read.

I See Sam readers available free, for printing, online here. You would follow the instructions on the 3rsplus site for the use of the program. I found this to be a gentle, enjoyable, and effective start to reading for my kids. It is 100% decodable and explicit phonics. You can purchase thesereaders through 3rsplus linked above or I See Sam.

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