Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pronunciation of Phonogram Videos

If you need help pronouncing the phonograms these youtube links show you how for free!

Writing Road to Reading (all of the phonograms)

A kindergarten class doing 50 of the phonograms with their teacher. My kids like to say them with the children. The teacher does motions and key words which was nice for me to see. I believe these are Spalding based.

Even if you do know how to pronounce the above videos are worth watching if you’re not familiar with a Spalding type approach (I wasn’t) because they tell you things to note as you teach the phonograms (such as “a” that can be used at the end of the word for /ay/ and “a” that may not be used at the end of the word for /ai/, two letter “e” for /ee/, etc).

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