Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Phonogram Cards

Free Printable Phonogram cards (backs and fronts). The only problem is they formatted the backs incorrectly to print and have a few typos. I also wanted to add some things gleaned from the youtube links above. I think you can convert pdf to word for free and then you could edit and use them. But I just made my own using their text.

I selected the text from the pdf file and then did a right click to paste to the clipboard. I then pasted it onto my own card template in MicroSoft Word. The font looks really nice (size and type) and the wording on the back is worth the trouble to use these as a guide I thought. I printed on cardstock. You could laminate for something completely durable. They look really nice.

I did create and print smaller tile like phonograms too for my son to use for spelling. I plan to attach magnet backing and use the fridge as we don’t have a large magnetic white board.


  1. Are these phonogram cards from the spalding method?

  2. Thanks! I just came across you blog through Google search on phonogram cards. Printable were what I was looking for :) Guess I'll be looking around your blog now.

  3. Hi, are these for the Spalding method?

  4. That's SO helpful! Thank you so very much for that link! :-)

  5. I'm very gratefull! Nice to have you on this planet!