Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fantastic addition to phonogram based programs!

Fun With Phonograms is so neat!

It would make an excellent addition to any phonogram based program such as Orton-Gillingham, Spalding, Riggs, etc.

Their Phonogram Circus program goes through the consonants and vowel alphabet letter phonograms. Phonogram Zoo does the rest of the phonograms including the complex ones! It covers all the sounds each phonogram makes (so the three A sounds, two C sounds, two ow sounds, etc.).

There is a CD with a story and song for each phonogram. The book for each set has a full color illustration for each phonogram story. Samples are on the page I linked.

Their Spelling Town DVD sets all the Spalding/Riggs/OG spelling rules to music and video! This is a really fun and memorable way to present the spelling rules. You can see a sample of this on the website as well. I think this would be fantastic to add to Spalding, Riggs, O-G or any other program that requires learning the spelling rules. It’s neat and I encourage you to check out the samples if you are starting a phonogram based reading and spelling program

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